I am very fortunate to be able to combine my love of photography with my interest in nature, sports and entertainment.
I began photographing images of products, people and places for print material and later for the web.
While I love photographing the excitement of sports and the beauty of nature, my favorite genre is event photography. It’s the most challenging work in the business. Unpredictable lighting, crowded venues, moving targets, and limited shooting times are the norm. Those challenges combined with the excitement of live performances create my favorite photo settings. My photos are now on permanent exhibit at The Louisville Palace, and I am an american Songwriter contributor.
My equipment consists of Nikon D4s and D800 cameras with a large assortment of wide angle and zoom lenses.
I am available to photograph your event. References available on demand. You can contact me at 812-989-0468 or email me at [email protected]